The Exhibition

Incunabula, Norwich Cathedral Library, 26th August – 6th September. Opening evening of 25th August. We are very excited to be showing works by the following artists: Anna Brass, Sarah Caputo, Nicky Deeley, Paul Fenner, Anna Flemming, Freya Gabie, Charlie Godet Thomas, Grimes and Jones, Donna Han, Matthew Kay, Vesta Kroese, Beatrice Lozza, Christopher Minchin, Charlotte […]

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Applications Closed

Norwich Cathedral invite submissions of new or existing contemporary artworks for a site-specific group exhibition in the Cathedral’s Historic Library during August 2015. Incunabula (Latin; the Earliest stages or first traces of anything; the word is used to refer to a book from the earliest stages of printing, before 1501) Submission deadline: 9th July 2015 […]

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